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Group Coaching

Group Coaching sessions at Hobart Strength Training offer the benefits of personal training, in a social environment. We cap our private group sessions at a maximum of four people and provide exclusive use of the gym.

Our group coaching is an affordable way to access a full coaching experience at a reduced cost. Unlike a traditional gym class, every session is designed for the individuals. Everyone follows their own personalised program and has access to dedicated equipment.

Your coach will watch all your lifts, provide motivation, and adjust your program according to your progression, ability, and preferences. People of all ages and skill levels attend our group classes. This means everyone has access to the support they need in a friendly environment.

When you start our group coaching, you will have access to a FREE one-on-one Technique Session. This is where we get to know you and your abilities so we can provide the best experience possible. We will teach you the basic exercises and the fundamental knowledge you need to be confident in our classes.

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We can help you live a better life, regardless of your training experience.

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