About Us

Our Difference

At Hobart Strength Training we teach everyday people of all ages, abilities, and experience levels how to strength train. Many of our clients have not used weights before, and we use a proven methodology to get results.


We adhere to a high level of professionalism and are experts in strength training. We also have close working relationships with some of the best health industry professionals in Australia, including General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Sports Physicians, Surgeons and Endocrinologists.


At Hobart Strength Training, our work extends beyond the gym. Our goal is to get you feeling better and stronger by combining the core principles of human movement, nutrition, and recovery into one comprehensive program


Our priority is your health. Using science and our experience, we work to boost your confidence, independence and wellbeing. We will never sacrifice health for performance or appearance because we train to live stronger, and for longer. We train for life.


At Hobart Strength Training, we believe in providing a personal service and customised program. Using the principals of stress, recovery, and adaption, we create a tailored program which only pushes you as far as necessary to produce results. We are also experienced at personalising programs for various abilities and training backgrounds which achieve individual goals.


Our approach is open and honest. No gimmicks or hype, only high-quality coaching in a supportive and welcoming environment.


In a complicated health and fitness industry, we cut through the fluff. Our approach is simple and effective because it’s based on proven training principles.


We believe in making strength training a lifelong habit. To achieve this, your training needs to be sustainable and fit in with your life. Our programs are personalised for you, because we understand you have other areas of your life to factor in. We work closely with our clients to make their training enjoyable and maintainable over the long-term.


Our personal service and high-quality coaching mean that our capacity is strictly limited.


Hobart Strength Training is a members-only facility. Our members have exclusive use of the gym, and consultations are by appointment only. As a result, you will have uninterrupted access to the support that you need and will never have to share equipment.

We can help you live a better life, regardless of your training experience.

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