Are you COVID-19 safe?

Absolutely! Hobart Strength Training is a private facility where there is never more than four people training at one time. As a result, we have great control over who accesses the gym, and it is easy to socially distance.

All our equipment is also cleaned with alcohol before and after every use.

There is plenty of hand sanitiser and hand soap available, too.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

How much does Hobart Strength Training cost?

From as little as $65 per week, you can have in-person coaching and a customised program. We have a range of strength training options, and pricing varies depending on the combination chosen of one-on-one coaching and group coaching.

We recommend newcomers begin with a FREE, no-obligation, trial session so that we can learn about your history, goals and budget and give you a taste of our training approach.

To find out more about our options and pricing, please contact us.

I'm an older person - can, and should, I train?

Definitely! It’s extremely beneficial for older people to strength train as it will help increase muscle mass and improve function. It is also low impact, difficulty can be gradually scaled up and when done correctly, it has a very low rate of injury. This makes it suitable for people who have existing injuries or need to account for certain health issues. We always get to understand our clients and their limitations before we begin training so we can prescribe a program that is safe, and effective.

In fact, the Australian Government recommends that older people strength train 2 or 3 times a week. To find out more about what the government recommends, please refer to the guidelines here.

Please contact us to find out how strength training would benefit you.

Do I need to be fit/strong/athletic to train at Hobart Strength Training?

Absolutely not! We have clients aged from 11, through to 82 years old who use strength training to improve their health and quality of life. We are experts in introducing people of all ages and abilities to strength training and can create a program that works for you.

Please contact us to find out how we can create a personalised program for you.

I am struggling with some injuries/health issues, will I still be able to participate in the Hobart Strength Training Program?

Strength training is an effective way to rehabilitate injuries and prevent further issues. We believe that no matter how severe your condition is, we can help you improve your health. At Hobart Strength Training, we always seek to work closely with specialist healthcare providers to make sure our programs are suitable and beneficial for specific situations and conditions.

We have extensive experience training people with a range of conditions, including sarcopenia, osteoporosis, chronic pain, heart and vascular disease, incontinence, Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and joint replacements.

Please contact us to find out how we can help with your specific condition.

Is there parking available?

Yes, we have plenty of parking right outside the gym.

Is there a minimum commitment?

There is no minimum commitment for our coaching services. Services are billed 4 weekly, in advance.

To find out more about our options and pricing, contact us.

Where is Hobart Strength Training?

The Hobart Strength Training Centre is located in Sandy Bay immediately south of the Hobart central business district.

When can I train?

We work with our members to provide flexible training times each week. Both our one-on-one and group coaching sessions are 60 minutes and take place at various times during the following opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday 5:30am to 7:30pm
  • Saturday 6:30am to 10:30am
  • Sunday 8am to 10:30am

Please contact us to find out more about one-on-one and group coaching times.


At Hobart Strength Training our one-on-one and group coaching sessions are private, which means it will just be you and your coach in the gym. For group sessions, there will be a maximum of three other people in the class. You will never be too close to another member and will not have to share equipment.

All our programs are tailored to the individual, whether they have never lifted a weight before or are experienced in strength training. This means that regardless of your skill or confidence level, we guarantee you will feel comfortable, safe and welcome.

Please contact us to book a time to meet us and see the gym.

What if I travel often?

We believe that strength training should help you live a better life, not take over your life! This is why we tailor our programs to your lifestyle, so it is sustainable and enjoyable.

Please contact us to find how we can design a program that fits in with your lifestyle and other commitments.

Can Hobart Strength Training create a custom training program to suit my unique goals?

We create programs which are specifically designed for the individual and their goals. Whether you are recovering from surgery or injury, want to regain lost capacity, or are preparing for a sporting event, we can create a customised program for you.

To find out more about our approach, please contact us.

Can I do a drop-in for a casual session, or to check out the gym?

Sorry, but Hobart Strength Training is a private facility, so you will need to make an appointment for a consultation or training session.

Please contact us to book a consultation.

How can I learn more about Hobart Strength Training?

If you would like to learn more about Hobart Strength Training, you can contact us to book a consultation. Alternatively, you can email train@hobartstrengthtraining.com.au, or check out the Blog page on our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

We can help you live a better life, regardless of your training experience.

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